Bullying Experiences Among Korean-American Adolescents (page 2)

By — Bullying Special Edition Contributor
Updated on Apr 26, 2010

Reasons of Bullying


Frequent Reasons I am Bullied Percentage
I’m different 29.1%
The country I’m from 29.1%
I am fat 24.4%
My skin color 23.3%
My face looks funny 22.1%
I get good grades 20.9%

The most frequent reasons given by the victim group for being bullied were their country of origin (29.1%) and their being different (29.1%), followed by being fat (24.4%), their skin color (23.3%), their face looking funny (22.1%), getting good grades (20.9%), friends being weird (18.6%), being a wimp (15.1%), being short (11.6%), getting angry a lot (10.5%) and looking too young (10.5%). 


The most frequent reason given by the bystander group was the victim being a wimp (50.5%), followed by being fat (47.4%), their face looking funny (46.4%), their being different (45.9%), their friends being weird (41.8%), the way they talk (41.8%), their inability to get along with others (38.2%), their clothes (36.8%), their skin color (26.4%), being too short (26.4%), their crying a lot (22.7%) , being gay (22.7%), their being in special education (22.7%), their country of origin (21.8%), their being disabled (19.5%), their getting bad grades (18.6%), their getting good grades (18.2%), their getting angry a lot (17.7%), their being skinny (14.5%) and their being poor (11.8%). 

Frequent Reasons Why Person Is Bullied Percentage
They are a wimp 50.5%
They are fat 47.4%
Their face looks funny 46.4%
They are different 45.9%
The way they talk 41.8%,
Their friends are weird 41.8%


The most frequent reason given by the bully group was the victim being a wimp (31.2%), followed by being fat (25.8%), their face looking funny (23.7%), friends being weird (23.7%), their being different (19.4%), their clothes (17.2%), their being angry a lot (14%), crying a lot 14%), being skinny (14%), their being too short (11.8%), and their country of origin (10.8%).   

Frequent Reasons Why I Bully Percentage
They are a wimp 31.2%
They are fat 25.8%
Their face looks funny 23.7%
Their friends are weird 23.7%
They are different 19.4%
Their clothes 17.2%
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