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Updated on Jul 20, 2010

Characteristics to Consider When Planning Musical Activities for Four-Year Olds

  • Are beginning to enjoy group singing more
  • Show increased desire to listen to music
  • Take pride in their ability to identify familiar songs
  • May enjoy taking a turn singing alone
  • Show increased voice control and a closer approximation of pitch and rhythm
  • May be able to sing an entire song accurately
  • Are beginning to create songs during play
  • Can talk about what a piece of music suggests
  • Like to try out instruments and play along on instrumental songs
  • Can improvise simple melodies
  • Can identify certain sounds made by different instruments

Selected Characteristics of Five-Year-Olds

  • Are generally conforming in nature, like to please, thrive on positive feedback, and are sensitive to praise and blame
  • Like to jump and climb and still need plenty of big muscle activity. Muscle coordination is improving
  • Are described as "wigglers" and "bundles of endless energy"
  • Can sometimes skip on alternate feet and do quite well at galloping
  • Like to talk a great deal and are interested in words and their meanings
  • Know how old they are and can generally tell how old they will be in another year
  • Like to remain close to familiar surroundings; are primarily interested in their home and community, not distant places; are interested in different cities and states if they know someone who lives there, such as grandparents or previous playmates
  • Understand and can carry out actions involving words like forward and backward
  • Are learning the meaning of small, smaller, and smallest
  • Are often very adept at rhyming words
  • Are relatively independent and self-reliant, dependable, and protective toward younger playmates and siblings

Characteristics to Consider When Planning Musical Activities for Five-Year-Olds

  • Are refining and exploring musical skills previously learned
  • May be able to read words to songs
  • Can generally play instruments accurately
  • May begin to show an interest in piano and dance lessons
  • Can better synchronize body movements with the rhythm of the music
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