Assembling Objects Images for ASVAB Power Practice Problems

Updated on Aug 12, 2011

These assembling objects practice questions are based on the actual ASVAB. Take this quiz to see how you would do if you took the exam today and to determine your strengths and weaknesses as you plan your study schedule.

Time: 15 minutes

Each question is composed of five separate drawings. The problem is presented in the first drawing, and the remaining four drawings are possible solutions. Determine which of the four choices contains all of the pieces assembled properly that are shown in the first picture. Note: images are not drawn to scale.


  1. d.
  2. c.
  3. d.
  4. c.
  5. b.
  6. d.
  7. c.
  8. c.
  9. d.
  10. d.
  11. a.
  12. a.
  13. a.
  14. d.
  15. d.
  16. d.
  17. b.
  18. c.
  19. a.
  20. c.
  21. c.
  22. b.
  23. d.
  24. a.
  25. a.
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