The CAT-ASVAB and Computer Based Testing Study Guide for McGraw-Hill's ASVAB

By — McGraw-Hill Professional
Updated on Jun 25, 2011

How the CAT-ASVAB Works

The CAT-ASVAB is the computer-based version of the test that is offered to potential recruits at the military facilities called MEPS. If you take this version of the test, you will be seated in front of a computer and monitor in a room with others. The test comes up on the screen. As you answer the test questions, the program records your answer, scores it, and then calculates your ability level. Based on that information, the next item is selected. If you get the first answer wrong, the computer will give you an easier item. It you get it correct, the computer will give you a more difficult item. This process continues until you have completed the items selected for you. After you have completed the test, the AFQT and composite scores will be calculated.

Possible Advantages

One advantage of taking the CAT-ASVAB is that it takes less time than the paper-and-pencil version. Also, the test can be scored immediately, and scoring errors are reduced because of the automation. The test can be administered with minimal advance notice, while administration of the paper-and-pencil ASVAB needs to be scheduled well in advance.

Unlike scores on the paper-and-pencil ASVAB, the CAT-ASVAB score you get is not based solely on the number of items you answered correctly. Some people have claimed that the CAT-ASVAB is easier and can give you better scores because you get more "points" for answering more difficult items.

Possible Disadvantages

Unlike the paper-and-pencil ASVAB, the CAT-ASVAB does not give you an opportunity to go back to questions you previously answered to change your answer or think about the question again. You also cannot skip questions and go on to other questions that you might know. If you get items wrong, the computer will give you easier items, but your score will be lower than if you answered a few difficult items.

CAT-ASVAB Directions

When you arrive to take the CAT-ASVAB, you will be escorted to a waiting room. You will complete various forms, if you haven't already done so. Your social security number will be verified. There you will get a briefing similar to the one that follows.


[Your test administrator will read aloud to you the following.]

Welcome, I am [administrator's name], and I will be administering your test today. First of all, has anyone here taken the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery at any time in the past, either in a high school or at another testing site, and not indicated this on the USMEPCOM Form 680-3AE you provided? It is extremely important to identify this because your test will be checked against a nationwide computer file for armed forces applicants. If it is discovered that you were previously tested, but did not tell us, the results from today's test may not be valid for enlistment.

[If anyone raises his or her hand, the administrator will check that person's USMEPCOM Form 680-3AE to ensure that he or she has marked the retest box and entered the previous forms.]

It is important that you are physically fit to take this test. Is there anybody here who doesn't feel well enough to take the examination?

[If anyone says that he or she doesn't feel well, the administrator will remove that person from the session group, inform the service (if available), and indicate the reason for removal on USMEPCOM Form 680-3AE.]

The test you are about to take is administered by computer. Instructions for taking the test are on the computer, and the guidelines are very easy to follow. If you need assistance during any part of the test, press the red HELP key, raise your hand, and I'll assist you.

The use of calculators, crib sheets, or other devices designed to assist in testing is not permitted. No talking is allowed while in the testing room. Use the scratch paper and pencil on the side of your computer for any figuring you need to do while taking the test. If you need more paper or another pencil, press the red HELP key and then raise your hand.

Do not touch any keys except for the letter choices, the red HELP key, and the ENTER bar. Be careful not to kick the computer under the table.

After completing the examination, give your scratch paper to me, and then you are released. If you are staying at the hotel, wait at the front desk for transportation.

Does anyone have any questions?

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