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Family Foundations Academy

Preschool | Grades K-7 | Charter-80
1101 Delaware St
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 324-8901

About This School

Family Foundations Academy is located in New Castle, DE and is in Charter-80 School District. It is a charter school that serves 622 students in grades K-7.

Charter schools are public schools, but differ from traditional public schools in that they are independent and are operated by educators, parents, community leaders, educational entrepreneurs, or others. Funding for charter schools is based on designated local or state educational organizations. Those organizations are responsible for monitoring and assessing the quality and effectiveness of education, but permit the schools to operate outside of the traditional public school education system. See Family Foundations Academy's test results to learn more about school performance.

In 2011, Family Foundations Academy had 18 students for every full-time equivalent teacher. The Delaware average is 14 students per full-time equivalent teacher.

Student Ethnicity (2011)

Students (2011)


Students Per Teacher (2011)

Female/Male (2011)

51% 49%

Subsidized Lunch (2011)


District Spending (2010)

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Family Foundations Academy Reviews

we left

By a Parent on

Very unorganized. We are so much happier since the kids left !

It's a Good School

By a Current Student on

I have attended Family Foundations Academy since 2nd grade. It's incredible. They don't stand for bullying. It has its ups and downs but again which school doesn't.  I'm in 7th this year. The teachers are hard on kids because they want the best out of them and care for them. Your child will have fun and they will want to come back every year. Even though some kids are mean we all have our friends that stick by us.

Family Foundations Academy Charter School This is a great school

By , a Parent on

My son has been attending FFA for 7 years now.  Me and my husband loves this charter school.  It is family oriented and 99.9% of the students help each other and look out for one another.  Whenever there is a case of bullying Ms. Dolcy takes care of it immediately.  Yes, my son was bullied on one occasion.  I love how Ms. Dolcy handles the situation.  Ms. Dolcy is very professional.  The new teachers are nerds and I say that in a GOOD way.  I find nerds are the best teachers.  Matter of fact I tell ALL kids it's cool to be a nerd (nerds study hard to get where they are), those are the smart ones that definitely know their stuff.  I love Dr. Brewington, I rarely get to talk to her one on one, but she will respond to your emails.  She works very hard in maintaining both schools

Poorly Ran School

By a Parent on

Do NOT ever send your child to this school.  Everything is disorganized from the top down.  The administrative staff is the worst I've ever seen, and should be replaced.  I'm not even sure how this school gets state funding.  The middle school is a disgrace and I will look elsewhere.   Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

FFA Rocks

By , a Parent on

I see so much negative stuff here. My son just graduated from Family Foundations June 13, 2014. Yea, we put more money out for uniforms and such -- so what. I pulled my son out of a public school because he was special education. That was 7 years ago and he got everything that I was told he would. Maybe if you truly looked into what was going on maybe you would have had a better experience. I may not have agreed on everything the school did but my son loved the school. As far as bullying goes, my son got bullied once and it was taken care of and I thank some of my son's fellow classmates who turned the child in who bullied my son. Putting my son in FFA was the best thing I could and did. Hate to say this but some of these negative people probably look at school as a daycare more than their kids learning. Get involved even if you have to go in to the school personally. Many times I did and things were taken care of. A phone call isn't going to get things taken care of. Get involved.

  As for the turn over of teachers, heck that happens in public schools as well. FFA rocks.


By a Former Student on

I like it. It has some good students and your child can be in a safe learning envirement.

By a Parent on

On the second day of school, I sent my son to school with tan pants on. I made that mistake. My son was pulled out of class all day and was not sent home with any homework. They called me to make me aware that he was to wear only black pant. They never told me anything about in school suspension. They sent me an email an hour later telling me he's in suspension. If they would have told me to bring him black pants in on the phone I would have done so. They should have told me he was going to be in suspension. They at least should have allowed him to do the work that his class was doing while he was in suspension. I am pissed about this. This is our first year here and two days into it mind you. What ever happend to a grace period. They don't even have evrything in order. Give me a chance to get it right. He won't be here the whole year. God willing this school I've been waiting to hear from will be calling soon!

By , a Parent on


By , a Parent on

I have children in grades 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th attending Family Foundations Academy. When my children first started at this school 3 years ago, I was hopeful and excited about what they had to offer; the curriculum sounded awesome, staff members seemed family oriented and there was a “no bully zone” policy. However, over the course of those three years, my experience with FFA has become less than desirable.  
The curriculum is on par with public schools and may be even slightly better; however, the school lacks the basic resources needed to fully implement the curriculum. I often wonder where the teachers received their degrees; if the possess them at all. They say over and over to “check the website” but when you do, the information listed is outdated, confusing or nonexistent. It is very difficult to help children with homework when no instructions are given or you don’t have complete information.  Also, I personally feel that too much emphasis is placed on handwriting. Yes handwriting is a lost art; yes it’s important to have neat and legible penmanship. But honestly, should it be its own class? Or should it be an extension of English? I work in a professional setting… I couldn’t tell you the last time I wrote anything is cursive. This is not realistic in today’s society.
There seems to be a high turnover rate with the staffing at FFA. This leaves the children with a feeling of instability, which is extremely important at this stage in their lives. Two of my children are now on their 3rd math teacher this year. That is awful. How can a child learn properly or retain information when they are constantly getting familiar with different teaching styles? Additionally I find most of the teachers and staff to lack professionalism and compassion for their students. Children are denied bathroom breaks, are told to shut up and request to go to the nurse go unnoticed. One teacher told the students that “they don’t have any rights”. Three weeks ago, my son was grabbed by his shirt collar by a teachers assistant; I have yet to hear back from Dr. Brewington regarding this, even though I have placed four phone calls and spoken to the receptionist. It seems that the way to get a response from this school is to stoop to their level and act just as rudely as they do.  This is not the environment I want my children to learn in.
This “No Bully Zone” policy is the biggest joke of all. Students are constantly bullied and nothing is done about it. Children are allowed to run amuck in this school, meanwhile very minor offenses (such as making a noise in class) get you sent to the dean’s office and the parent gets a disruptive and unnecessary phone call at work. When students are not being bullied by other students, they have the teachers to worry about; the biggest bullies in the school. Children are treated with disrespect and talked down to. When you complain to Dr. Brewington, you get a generic response “We don’t condone this behavior but we can’t control blah blah blah.” Again this is not the environment I want my children to learn in.
I tried to no avail, to remove my children from FFA. I was told by the DOE that after a certain date, no school will except transfers from FFA because FFA will not release the funding. If I had it my way, my children would have been taken out of Family Foundations Academy. They will not be returning next year. If you are considering this school for your children, carefully way all of your options and do your research. Talk to other parents and talk to students you know that attend FFA. All that glitters is not gold!

By a Parent on

I am very disappointed in this school. My child attends the elementary school. It is extremely unorganized. They don't contact the parents in a timely manner when the child is doing poorly. They do not provide services to children with significant special needs (ADHD, PTSD, learning disabilities, etc.), as was promised when I enrolled him. Please take caution when enrolling your child. This school is only concerned with appearance and enrollment numbers. They could care less about your child's education. I should not have to fight to get my child services that he needs. The faculty should be able to recognize the needs and meet them. This is our first and last year at this school.

By a Current Student on

Everybody is writing bad things about this school! Try starting with some good. First of all we have so amazing teachers who really try to work the student. They give lessons according to your knowledge, they wont give you something you don't know. They students are not half of the problem because there are many student who want to learn but some student stop that, the students lime that get sent to the Dean or to ISS with their work. Yes the school is unorganized but its the quality in which your child is getting the right and the best education! For example Mr.B is a very great math teacher teaches lesson correctly and works with student as a class and if needed personally! He is amazing, he teacher all grades except 5. We have amazing students too. We have many students that were accepted into the Junior Honor's Society and Student Council. This is and good school overall!!!:):):)

By a Parent on

My children attend the middle school.  Well...smh.  Yes, the school is extremely unorganized and they suffer from lack of funding.  Some of the teachers are great teachers with good intentions but they are teaching children that lack respect.  It seems that some of the children should be in alternative schools for their behavior.  

Demerits are handed out for something's that are deemed necessary but for serious in incidents a lot are overlooked or ignored.

I wouldn't refer anyone to the middle school and I'm removing my kids.  I'm very disappointed because initially it seemed they had so much to offer.

By , a Parent on

My child has been with Family Foundation Academy from the day the school opened! I am very happy with the education that the school has provided. I had no problems working with the principal or the administrator. Some parents don't understand that “school starts at home”! It’s funny because one of those parents that took her child out of FFA and talked negative about the school has returned! Try working with the principal and administrators to help achieve academic excellence or remove your child from the school! This is a very good school!

By a Parent on

i couldn't agree more my son failed because the teacher couldn't get along with him. i had asked in the beginning of the year to remove him and they blamed my son. my son is back in the same grade because they wouldn't listen to me or him.

By , a Parent on

This school is horrible!!  I was very excited about the new grades and theu made it sound like a parent's dream school!  I agree with the parent about the constant bullying, lack of resources, inappropriate call backs from teachers and even the principal!  I reccommend any parent who comes to inquire to turn around and run for the hills!!!!

By a Parent on

If you value your child's education, do not send them to this school.  constant bullying and not enough resources to adequately allow for academic growth. My child fell far behind when grades showed otherwise. When put back into the mainstream (public school), my child was one grade behind. Found out that there were many other children from this school experiencing the same problem.

By a Parent on

As a parent I feel like FFA has bitten off way more than they can handle. My child being in middle school and not having the proper resources that are important for this time in his life. The consequences for some things are really unheard of. Bus stops are more than a mile away from the homes of the students. I could go on for days, my child will not return.

By a Teacher on

As a former teacher, I feel as though I should clarify some things with this discussion.  Gym and lunch and both held the classroom.  When I was teaching there, I would drive home from school crying some days because of the lack of resources and the poor quality of education provided to the students.  I can only speak for my situation, but I can assure you that there are far too many students per class for the teachers to adequately help the students reach their potential.  One first grade class had thirty students! That is just way to many students, especially in first grade where fundamentals like reading are being taught.  There is also a lot of teacher turnover.  Some of the reasons I left the school was too many students per teacher, lack of organization, and lack of basic resources (pencils, paper, erasers, etc).  I would not recommend sending your child there.

To add to the comment of the first parent, one of the reasons the art supplies cost so much is because the art teacher was not given any supplies in which to teach art!

By , a Parent on

This school is not going down hill.  The art supplies can be acquired at BJ's for a total amount of $29.99.  It is a complete art kit with everything that is needed for the child in a wooden box.  The cafeteria is the same place where it has always been in the cafeteria (approximately the size of a baseball field). The gym and cafeteria are all in the same area.

By , a Parent on

This school is going down hill. I believe they took on more than they could handle with the added grades. They have added art this year and you have to pay for the art supplies which is over $100 and the kids no longer have a cafeteria or a place for gym. Gym is being held in the classrooms.

By a Parent on

No need for Fustration all information is on the web site, if you need to contact a teacher you have direct access via email or phone. You can view what is going on in the class rooms regarding their education.  Communication is a two way street.  Contact information for other areas was given out at open house. They are listening and i see an improvement, give credit where chedit is due. Try contacting the P.T.L.A. they are helpful too. I am happy with Family Foundations. I give them a lot of credit for doing what they do. Family Foundations, keep up the good work and continue to work on the problems as they arise. Thank you.

By , a Parent on

The communication at FFA is horrible.  The curriculum is excellent but when it comes to calling the office and advising them of anything regarding your child be ready for it not to make it to the proper person that will be handling it for you.  

Depending on which teacher you get you will either receive all the information you need and quick responses to all your emails.  Or no response at all to your emails and choppy information regarding anything happening at the school and with your child.

I asked them not to put my child on the bus that I was picking her up, they put her on the bus anyway.  The first day of school they put my nephew on the wrong bus and sent him on bus no. 6 when it clearly said all over his book bag and we advised the teacher that he was supposed to be on bus no. 2.  

Then my nephew was supposed to be seeing a speech therapist and the school has done nothing to communicate to his parents that he has not seen a speech therapist since school started a month and a half ago...

By , a Parent on

I am very HAPPY with Family Foundations Academy!!!!! My son has been attending since it first opened and I have been in LOVE with the school. He will be attending 5th grade this year and its great to know they have K-8 so that means he has many more years to grow with the school, and his sister will be following him right along!!!!!! The teachers and staff are so GREAT, doing a VERY good job. My son gets good grades, can't get NO BETTER than that.....THANK YOU Family Foundations Academy for being a part of my sons life and educating him SO WELL!!!!!! We love you Dr. Brewington:)

By a Parent on

This is a very good school. My child loves it. My youngest will be going for 1st grade since last year they didn’t have grades K. The teachers are wonderful and they are truly keeping you up to date with you and your child. If I send my child’s teacher an e-mail in the middle of the day, she will contact me via e-mail with 20mins of sending. A very good environment for students to learn and what I truly like the most is their policy on "BULL FREE". That's the biggest thing I love about FFA, they make sure the children are in an environment where they are not being bullied

By , a Parent on

I am happy with Family Foundations Academy.  Most important my child is happy and is a straight "A" Student.  I am a hands on parent so I am involved and  know what is going on in my childs class.  The new website is also very informative regarding the Teacher's and students with daily updates. They wear uniforms.  Family Foundations Academy now goes from kindergarten up to the 8th grade.  The school is growing, we hope to grow with it. Oh, did I mention it is free.

By , a Parent on

This was my grandson's first year. I am very pleased about the school curriculum and teacher communication.

By , a Parent on

i have heard great things about them and cant wait to find out if there will be a grade K this year... hurry up BOE!!!!

By , a Parent on

I think this is one of the greatest schools in New Castle County. Much better then any public school. I would suggest sending your child there. And the parent talking about fundrasing I have know clue what shes talking about!!!!

By , a Parent on


By a Parent on

Definitely NOT a quality place for a quality education.

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