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Schools in Jersey City, NJ

About Jersey City Schools

  • There are 87 K-12 schools in Jersey City, NJ, including 56 public schools and 31 private schools. Jersey City public schools belong to eleven districts, Gateway Charter School District, Hudson County Vocational School District, Jersey City Comm. Charter School District, Jersey City Golden Door C. S. School District, Jersey City School District, Learning Community Charter School District, Liberty Academy Charter School District, Office of Education Juvenile Justice Commission School District, Schomburg Charter School District, Soaring Heights Charter School District and University Academy Charter School District.
  • There are 57 Jersey City elementary schools, 48 Jersey City middle schools, 18 Jersey City high schools and 117 Jersey City preschool schools.

Jersey City School Districts

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  • There are no middle schools in this district.
  • There are no high schools in this district.
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