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Schools in Newark, NJ

About Newark Schools

  • There are 129 K-12 schools in Newark, NJ, including 94 public schools and 35 private schools. Newark public schools belong to seventeen districts, Adelaide L. Sanford Charter School District, Discovery Charter School District, Essex County Vocational School District, Gray Charter School District, Greater Newark Charter School District, Lady Liberty Academy Charter School District, Maria L. Varisco-Rogers Charter School District, Marion P. Thomas Charter School District, New Horizons Community Charter School District, Newark School District, North Star Academy Charter School of Newark School District, Office of Education Department of Children and Families School District, Office of Education Juvenile Justice Commission School District, Office of Educational Services Department of Corrections School District, Robert Treat Academy Charter School District, Team Academy Charter School District and University Heights Charter School District.
  • There are 96 Newark elementary schools, 81 Newark middle schools, 31 Newark high schools and 196 Newark preschool schools.

Newark School Districts

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