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About San Antonio Schools

  • There are 507 K-12 schools in San Antonio, TX, including 415 public schools and 92 private schools. San Antonio public schools belong to fourty three districts, Academy of Careers and Technologies Charter School District, Alamo Heights ISD District, Bexar County Academy School District, Brooks Academy of Science and Engineering School District, Comal ISD District, East Central ISD District, Edgewood ISD District, Fort Sam Houston ISD District, George Gervin Academy School District, George I Sanchez Charter HS San Antonio Branch School District, Harlandale ISD District, Harmony Science Academy (San Antonio) School District, Higgs Carter King Gifted & Talented Charter Academy School District, John H Wood JR Public Charter District, Jubilee Academic Center School District, Judson ISD District, Kipp Aspire Academy School District, Lackland ISD District, Lighthouse Charter School District, Medina Valley ISD District, New Frontiers Charter School District, North East ISD District, Northside ISD District, Por Vida Academy School District, Positive Solutions Charter School District, Radiance Academy of Learning School District, Responsive Education Solutions School District, San Antonio Can High School District, San Antonio ISD District, San Antonio Preparatory Academy School District, San Antonio School for Inquiry & Creativity School District, San Antonio Technology Academy School District, School of Excellence in Education School District, School of Science and Technology Corpus Christi School District, School of Science and Technology Discovery School District, School of Science and Technology School District, Shekinah Radiance Academy School District, South San Antonio ISD District, Southside ISD District, Southwest ISD District, Southwest Preparatory School District, University of Texas University Charter School District and Windham School District.
  • There are 367 San Antonio elementary schools, 173 San Antonio middle schools, 108 San Antonio high schools and 573 San Antonio preschool schools.

San Antonio School Districts

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  • There are no elementary schools in this district.
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