The Effect of Acid Rain on Marigold Plants (page 4)

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Author: Ryan T.


The conclusions I reached by doing this experiment can be used in educating the world on the harmful effects of pollution from coal-burning factories, power plants and transportation. It will motivate people to take corrective actions personally, support additional research into corrective matters by governments and support legislation to limit pollution by factories contributing to acid rain conditions.

As you can see from this experiment, acid rain is very deadly. It affects all organisms and ecosystems in our world. We need to find ways to help stop pollution from getting into the air and to protect plants, buildings, monuments, lakes, streams and wildlife from the harmful effects of acid rain. We need to communicate to the public the problem so that we can take the corrective actions of polluting less, correcting damage and establishing controls to limit pollution in the future. The longer we wait to seriously attempt to reduce acid rain, the more endangered our Earth will become for everything and everyone who lives on it.


Parks, Peggy. Acid Rain. Detroit: Thomson Gale, 2006. (Excellent book that went over how acid rain is formed, the effects, how it is spread and finally, how it can be stopped. It also has a good glossary of terms that helped me understand the science.) 

Petheram, Louise. Acid Rain. Mankato, MN: Capstone Press, 2003 (This book went into more detail than the first book. It also talked about measuring acid rain with the pH scale which really helped me in my experiment. It also had the detailed effects on nonindustrial areas, human health, forests, crops, water life and buildings. It talked about solutions.)

On-Line Sources

"Acid Rain - Effects Felt Through the Food Chain."  National Geographic. 10 May 2010. Available  (This site contains acid rain facts, pictures, acid rain effects and solutions. This confirmed information I had received from the Environmental Protection Agency.)

Agee, Sarah. "Acid Rain and Aquatic Life." Science Buddies 22 April 2009. On-line. Internet. 3 May 2010 Available (One of many projects reviewed initially to choose a project. Although I didn't choose to test aquatic life, this project got me more interested in acid rain.)

Environmental Protection Agency. "Effects of Acid Rain - Forests." On-line. Internet. 10 May 2010. Available (Great overview of the effects of acid rain and how it occurs.)

Environmental Protection Agency. "pH Scale?" Acid Rain Students' Site On-line. Internet. 10 May 2010 Available (This site helped me understand the pH scale and how I would use it in my experiment. It taught me about pH strips and their meaning as well as what acidity was.)

Environmental Protection Agency. "What Can You Do?" Acid Rain Students' Site On-line. Internet. 10 May 2010 Available (This site goes the next step and told me what students could do to help the acid rain situation. It also gave me some new ideas about future steps.)

Environmental Protection Agency. "What Causes Acid Rain?" Acid Rain Students' Site On-line. Internet. 10 May 2010 Available (This site helped me understand the science behind acid rain - how the SO2 and NOx mix with water to form acid rain.)

Environmental Protection Agency. "What is Acid Rain?" Acid Rain Students' Site On-line. Internet. 10 May 2010 Available (This site gives a broad overview of acid rain and why it is harmful. It gave me a good beginning to do more research on things briefly mentioned.)

Environmental Protection Agency. "What is Being Done?" Acid Rain Students' Site On-line. Internet. 10 May 2010 Available (This gave me some good information on the regulatory changes being made and other things we can do.)

Environmental Protection Agency. "Why is Acid Rain Harmful?" Acid Rain Students' Site On-line. Internet. 10 May 2010 Available (This site went into detail about the effects of acid rain. It helped me to understand in detail why a solution needs to be found.)

Kichura, Venice. "How does pH affect plants?" eHow. On-line. Internet. 10 May 2010 Available (This site talks about the availability of nutrients to the plant being affected by the pH. It also talks about other effects on the plant such as plant disease. This is where I first learned that limestone could counter acidic soil.)

Lacoma, Tyler. "How Does the Acidity of Soils Affect Plant Growth?" eHow. On-line. Internet. 10 May 2010 Available (This site talks about measuring acidity with pH scales. It also talks about the effect on the roots of the plant with increased acidity.)

USGS. "Water Properties." Water Science for Schools. On-line. Internet. 20 April 2010 Available (This site talks about the importance of pH, how it is measured and the effect of acid rain on the Hydrogen ion concentration across the US. It helped me decide my procedures for my experiment and showed me the importance of the experiment.)

Young-Bolen, Sharlene. "The Effect of Acidity on Shrub Growth" eHow. On-line. Internet. 19 April 2010 Available (Includes good information on what can be done to change the acidity of the soil. This gave me some good ideas for my next steps.)

Retail Stores

Home Depot - Jeffrey Strong, Garden Manager - gave me good information on what types of plants grow quickly and flower. After initially looking at ground cover, we focused on flowering plants, deciding on the marigold.

Orchard Supply Hardware - Steven Halloway, Garden Supervisor - directed me to marigolds as a quick-growing plant that flowers almost immediately upon bringing them home.

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