Discovering the Best Water for Plants (page 2)

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Author: Alicia Bodine


The rainwater and bottled spring water are great at helping plants grow, but the sugar water and salt water actually hurt growing plants. Tap water and distilled water may not hurt the plants, but you'll notice they don't grow as tall and proud as the plants that were fed rain and spring water.


To understand which type of water is best for plant life, it's important to know what's in each kind of water. Tap water and distilled water may keep your plants growing, but each contain chemicals like iodine and chlorine (often found in tap water) which can prevent the plants from reaching their full potential.

On the other hand, rainwater and spring water come from natural sources and don't have any added ingredients that can hurt budding greenery. Too much sugar or salt can actually kill plants—you may find the leaves on the plants that were fed sugar water and salt water start to turn a yellowish color.

The science doesn't have to stop here! Keep thinking about other liquids could help or hurt your little plants. What about apple juice? Soda? Milk? Make your guess as to which liquid will help plants thrive, and get experimenting. Afterward, try testing different types of soil to see which helps plant buds sprout, using dirt from your own backyard, potting soil, clay, sand, and silt.

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