Building a Simulated Volcano (page 2)

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Author: Eeshan C.


When vinegar was added to the mixture of flour, baking soda and the food coloring, a gas was released which along with the solids formed a magma-like foam.

Time to completion of the reaction when different amounts of vinegar were added:

  • 1/4cup :  24 seconds (picture below)

  • 1/2cup:   45 seconds (picture below)

  • 1 cup:      76 seconds (picture below)

Refer to the picture of the posterboard for detailed graph of these results.


  • The molten magma comes out of the cracks in the earth when the pressure builds up under the surface, just like the carbon dioxide gas in the bottle
  • The amount of vinegar in the reaction decides how long the reaction lasts for – more the amount, longer the reaction.

Questions for further research

I would like to know what happens if the amount of baking powder, the other part of the reaction is changed. Also, if I did not add the flour, will the reaction change or just look different?

I would like to learn more about different kinds of volcanoes around the world, what happens to the magma once it comes out of the volcano and if there are any volcanoes on other planets.



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