What Do Worms Eat? A Compost Project (page 2)

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Author: Tricia Edgar


Just like you, worms like certain foods. A worm can't order from a menu, but they can show you whether they like or dislike certain items. Watching the worms' behavior can teach you a lot about the wiggly bug's food habits.

Look at the items in your compost bin. What did your worms like to eat?How can you tell that these were the worms' favorite foods? Were there more worms there? Were those food items smaller than the others? Write or draw everything that you see in your notebook.

Do you think that your results apply to all food in that category? For example, if your worms loved lettuce, do you think that they'd like all other vegetables as well? How could you tell?


During this compost project, you observed—watched closely—what worms like to eat. Observation is a very important part of being a scientist. By observing patterns in nature, you can get ideas for new experiments.

Think about the patterns that you saw in your compost bin. Did the worms like soft foods or hard ones? Did they stay away from certain types of foods? Are these foods yucky to them for some reason? Can you design a menu that will keep your worms happy and use up food scraps from your kitchen?

By watching worms and experimenting with different types of food in your bin, you can learn how to keep compost worms happy. In return, your worms will build you good soil to grow more plants in!

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