Can Hydrogel Crystals be Used as a Sensitive Humidity Indicator? (page 3)

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Author: Michael Calhoun


Title: The Kids' Book of Weather Forecasting, Authors: Mark Breen and Kathleen Friestad, Publisher: Williamson Books ISBN-13: 9780824968236 and ISBN: 0824968239 

This fact-filled book is arranged in eight chapters guides the reader through the weather observation process. Directions for making and using simple weather instruments are found throughout the text. Included are the anemometer, which measures wind speed; the barometer; the Beaufort scale spinner, measuring how hard the wind is blowing; and the hair hygrometer, which measures the humidity using a strand of hair. Instructions are also given for making the psychrometer which is another humidity measuring device, a rain gauge and a wind vane. 

Title: Modern Superabsorbent Polymer Technology Authors: Fredric L. Buchholz (Editor), Andrew T. Graham (Editor)  Publisher: Wiley-VCH, Inc., ISBN-10: 0471194115 and ISBN-13: 978-0471194118  

This book is about superabsorbent polymers, how they are made, and to what purpose they are used with the technical developments and techniques needed to produce them. There is a special emphasis on the applications of superabsorbent polymers specifically within personal care items.

The material in the book is comprehensive, adult-level in scope and sequence however; the young investigator and his or her parents (teachers) can use this book as a general reference resource. 

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