Effect of Food On Mosquito Growth (page 2)

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Author: Megan, Grade 6


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In this experiment I learned that the more food the mosquitoes were fed the faster they would grow. I think this was because the more nutrients the mosquitoes had, the faster they would grow. There were some variables like sunlight. When it got later into the year there was less sunlight and that meant the days were shorter. Note: Mosquitoes don’t like direct sunlight. If you shined a light on them they would go the opposite direction of the light. I think this is why they grew faster in the second experiment. Another variable was the temperature. The room was 3 degrees (Celsius) higher than it was in the first experiment. The second experiment had more adults hatch out than the first experiment. So temperature and sunlight affected the rate of growth of the mosquitoes.


This experiment is like real life because people have to control the mosquito population. A few of the ways people could control the population is they could put fish in their ponds and other aquatic life to eat mosquito larvae. Plus people could maintain their ponds so as to keep food and trash out of their ponds. Another way is to get rid of water that is laying around like buckets full of water from rain and any thing that can hold water. Things like this are very good places for mosquitoes to live because the water consists of algae and lots of dirt and leaves. People could also use safe chemicals in places they can’t dump or get rid of like pools and ponds. Bt is one of these chemicals. People can use it on pools and ponds because it doesn’t harm people or animals but it does kill some types of bugs including mosquitoes.

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