Getting The Soap Out! (page 2)

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Author: Muriel Gerhard, Ed.D.

Experimental Procedure

  1. State the problem you are going to investigate in this science fair project.
  2. Create and reproduce the data sheets you u will use to record your observations.
  3. Gather all your materials.
  4. Put on your safety glasses, rubber gloves and apron.
  5. Make the soapy water by adding one plastic spoonful of soap powder to 250 mL of water. Stir well.
  6. Pour 50 mL of the soapy water into each of the 5 jars and label each jar with a number.
  7. Assign a chemical additive label to each number. For example, jar 1, table salt, jar2 Epsom salt, jar 3 sugar, jar 4baking soda and jar 5 the control.
  8. Using separate plastid spoons, add one spoonful of table salt to jar 1, one spoonful of Epsom salt to jar 2, one spoonful of sugar to jar 3, one spoonful of baking soda to jar 4 and nothing to the control, jar 5.
  9. Using separate stirrers, stir each jar and the allow them to sit for five minutes.
  10. Observe all five jars and record your observations on your chart.
  11. Place a coffee filter in your funnel, replace the filter for each jar and, filter the contents of each jar separately. Let sit for five minutes.  Record your observations.
  12. Analyze your data and state and record your conclusion.
  13. Prepare your report and include all of the following: a clear statement of the problem, your hypothesis and the rationale for your hypothesis. List the materials used. Include the safety precautions taken. Describe the procedures used. Include all the data that were gathered. Include all charts and/ or graphs. Formulate your conclusions. Assess how accurate you think they were?  For dramatic value, you may include photos of the materials used or of you in the process of conducting this investigation. Include a bibliography of sources you used. You may wish to assess what you did and describe what you would do differently if you were to do this project again.

Charting and/or Graphing Data

In each section of the experiment, use charts to display the obtained data such the following sample:

Observations Before Filtration
Observations After Filtration

jar #1


jar #2


jar #3


jar #4


jar #5



Capt Science Performance Test, released item, Connecticut State Department of Education


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