Are Household Powders Acids or Bases? (page 2)

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Tips and Tricks

  • Be sure to use distilled water when you make your turmeric indicator. Some tap water is acidic or basic enough to change the color of your indicator before you start your powder tests.
  • Do not get any powder on your dropper or in your indicator. If you do, you'll need to make fresh indicator.
  • Make your own indicator paper. Cut strips from a coffee filter. Soak them in your turmeric indicator and let them dry. Then try dipping a strip in a liquid. If it turns red, the liquid is a base. If it turns bright yellow, the liquid is an acid.

Show Your Results

Put check marks in a data table like this for "Go Easy" and "Go":

Powder Tested Acid Base Neither
Dishwasher powder      
Baking soda . . . and so on      

Make a poster showing which of the powders you tested were acids and which were bases. Put your turmeric indicator and some test powders in your display so visitors can see the difference for themselves.

For "Go Far," make data tables and graphs that relate your results with different indicators to what you learned about the pH scale.

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