Image Match

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Author: Judee Shipman

The latest internet technology involves the matching image search. An uploaded image is matched with similar images on the net, resulting in a list of similar images.  It's like a Google search, only with images instead of text.  However, this technology is fairly new, and many improvements are waiting to be made. In this project you will contribute to the improvement of image search technology.


How does an image search engine work? How can current designs be improved upon?


  • Computer with Internet access    
  • Color printer    
  • Digital camera    
  • Typical office/hobby/hardware/craft supplies (paper, poster board, glue, etc.)


  1. Read overview of relevant topics (see bibliography below and terms listed above)
  2. Address all of the above terms and research questions.
  3. Search and print out interesting images relevant to your topic.
  4. Take photographs throughout the course of the experiment.
  5. After thoroughly studying the links below, design a new or improved similar-image search function.
  6. Outline the practical applications of existing similar-image search engines.
  7. Interpret your findings in a detailed report
  8. Include interesting photos, diagrams and models in your science fair display.
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