Do Left-Handed People Have Similar Personalities?

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Author: Megan Doyle

Grade Level: 6th to 8th; Type: Social Science


This experiment will use personality assessments to evaluate whether certain character traits are more common in left-handed people.

Research Question:

  • Are certain character traits more common in left-handed people?

There has been a lot of research conducted into various aspects of left-handedness, but it is still not very clear if handedness and personality are linked. This experiment will explore this question by evaluating the prevalence of specific character traits in left-handed and right-handed people.


  • Test subjects (approximately 20 left-handed people and 20 right-handed people)
  • Myers-Briggs personality test
  • Notebook for analyzing results

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Find the Myers-Briggs personality assessment online, and give it to an equal number of left-handed and right-handed adults.
  2. Calculate the percentages of each of the Myers-Briggs traits (extroversion/introversion; sensing/intuition; thinking/feeling; judgment/perception) in the left-handed and right-handed groups. Do you observe differences in the percentage of certain traits among the two groups of test subjects? Are there certain Myers-Briggs traits that are more common in left-handed test subjects?

Example: Your data shows that 14/20 left-handed test subjects are introverts and 9/20 right-handed test subjects are introverts. Therefore, 70% of your sample left-handed population is introverted, compared to only 45% of your sample right-handed population. Based on this data, you might conclude that left-handed people are more likely to have an introverted personality.

Terms/Concepts: Myers-Briggs personality test, handedness

References: The Myers & Briggs Foundation. “MBTI® Basics.”

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