The Effect of Minerals on the Body (page 2)

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Author: Janice VanCleave

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  1. During growth and throughout adult life, bones are remodeled and reshaped. About 20% of adult bone calcium is resorbed by the body each year. Use a nutrition text to find out more about the function of calcium in the human body. How much calcium is deposited each day in adult bones? What is the difference between the calcium compounds in teeth and those in bones? What is calcium's role in blood clotting? What function does calcium play in biological reactions such as the absorption of cobalamin (vitamin B12)? What factors affect the absorption of calcium by the body?
  2. Phosphorous is a major component of teeth and bones. Find out more about other vital roles that phosphorous plays in body functions. What is its role in the regulation of energy release? How is it involved in the calcification of bones and teeth? What is the food source of phosphorous? How does a deficiency of phosphorous affect the body?
  3. Find out more about other necessary body minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chlorine. What is the function of each in the body? What is the daily requirement for each? What are the effects of too little or too much of each? What is the source of these minerals?
  4. Plaque is the thin, adhesive polysaccharide film that covers the enamel layer of teeth. Acids that come from plaque attack the enamel and cause the calcium to be removed, as it was from the chicken bone used in this experiment. Holes form where the calcium is removed. More information about the causes of dental caries(tooth decay or cavities) can be provided by your dentist. How do toothpastes prevent the buildup of plaque? What is your composition of a typical dentifrice (toothpaste)?
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