The Tilting of the Earth and Various Climatic Seasons (page 3)

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Author: Janice VanCleave

More Fun With the Earth's Tilt!

The tilt of one end of Earth's axis toward or away from the Sun is due to the position of Earth in its orbit around the Sun. The axis itself doesn't change direction. Demonstrate this by placing a chair in an open area of a room. The chair represents the Sun. Hold a broom or long stick in your hand so that it is tilted. The broom represents the axis of Earth. Stand facing the chair and point the upper end of the broom handle toward the wall behind the chair. In order to walk forward during your trip around the chair, you will have to turn your body and reposition your hands on the broom, but don't change the direction in which the broom is pointing or how it is tilted. The straw end of the broom represents the South Pole, and the North Pole is the end of the broom's handle. Note when the North Pole and South Pole tilt away and toward the Sun (chair). The South Pole and North Pole are the south and north ends, respectively, of Earth's axis.


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