Unpuckering the Persimmon (page 2)

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Author: Cy Ashley Webb

Experimental Procedure

Experiment #1
  1. Cut a ripe and an unripe permission in half.
  2. Coat the exposed surfaces of fruit with the iron solution.
  3. Set the fruit in an undisturbed location for one day.
  4. Compare the changes on the surface of the ripe and unripe fruits.  The unripe fruit will be covered with a black complex caused by the reaction of tannins and iron. Examine with this the magnifying lens.  The tannins in the ripe fruit are locked up in storage cells and are not available to react.
Experiment #2
  1. Wrap three persimmons in 4-5 layers of saran wrap.  Make sure no oxygen can reach the fruit.  Leave the fruit where it can be undisturbed for six days.
  2. Compare the relative ripeness of a wrapped persimmon to an unwrapped permission on days 3, 4, and 5.  The wrapped persimmon should be getting progressively riper while maintaining firm flesh.
  3. If time is available, repeat steps 1 and 2 after leaving the wrapped persimmons in a warm area such as a sunny shelf or a very low heat oven (less than 100 degrees).


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