To Wrap or Not to Wrap? Which Food Wrapping Works Best to Prevent Food Spoilage? (page 2)

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Author: Muriel Gerhard

Experimental Procedure

  1. State the problem you are going to investigate in this science fair project.
  2. Create and reproduce the data sheets you will use to record your observations.
  3. Gather all your materials.
  4. Wrap each of the fruits , one apple, one banana, two tablespoons of strawberries, two tablespoons of blackberries in each of the wrappers, namely in saran wrap, wax paper, brown paper,   aluminum foil , a hefty one zip plastic bag and a plastic container.
  5. Set up the controls. Place one apple and one banana on a plate. Leave it uncovered on the table at room temperature. Place two tablespoons of strawberries and two of blueberries in an uncovered bowl and place them in the refrigerator.
  6. Place the specimens, the strawberries and the blueberries in all their different wrappings in the refrigerator. Place the other specimens, the apples and the bananas as in all the different wrappings on the table keeping them at room temperature.  
  7. You may wish to take photos of all of your fruits in their wrappers as well as the controls.
  8. Wait for five days then inspect each of the fruits in their wraps as well as the controls on the table and in the refrigerator and record your observations.
  9. You may wish to take pictures of all of the specimens and the controls in this “ After” stage.  
  10. Record your observations.
  11. Analyze the data and formulate the conclusion.
  12. Prepare your report and include all of the following: a clear statement of the problem, your hypothesis, namely what did you predict would occur, and a list of the materials used. Include any safety precautions taken. Describe the procedures used. Include all the data that were gathered. Include all charts. Explain the purpose of the control.  Formulate your conclusions.   For dramatic value, you may include photos of the materials used or of you in the process of conducting this investigation. Include a bibliography of sources you used. You may wish to assess what you did and describe what you would do differently if you were to do this project again. You may wish to expand this research next year. What other materials might you investigate for this purpose?

Charting and or Graphing Data

In each section of the experiment, use charts to display the obtained data such the following sample:

Observations after Seven Days
Speciments Saran Wrap Wax Paper Brown Paper Aluminum Foil

Plastic Zip Lock Bag

Plastic Container
Apple Control            
Banana Control          


Stawberries Control            
Blueberries Control            



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