Elementary School Science Fair Project Ideas's elementary school science fair projects expose kids to a broad range of opportunities for scientific inquiry, arming them with the tools and knowledge they need to answer their questions about the world around them. Elementary school science experiments are a great way to demonstrate important concepts in physics and chemistry, while our elementary school science fair project ideas equip kids with carefully explained procedures that yield enlightening results.

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In this free science fair project, explore whether or not solid rock will melt at high temperature.  Use for more science fair project ideas!
Elementary School
Get this cool science fair idea to explore how arctic tundra animals change their behavior and adapt to survive in long, cold winters.
Fourth Grade
This science fair project idea determines which brand of batteries have the longest life.
Elementary School
Middle School
Discover whether different amounts of water added into a wine glass will produce a different pitch when their fingers are rubbed along the rim.
Elementary School
Fourth Grade
Examine the impact of temperature on rubber.
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade

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