Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

Ready to get your hands dirty? Explore the kingdom plantae with these botany science fair projects and botany experiments for kids. has tons of great ideas for botany and plant projects that can be completed indoors or outdoors at minimal cost and with basic materials. Kids will love discovering how concepts like phototropism, gravitropism, photosynthesis, and transpiration aren't just things they can read about in textbooks—they're very cool biological processes that can be readily observed at home.

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Check out this fun and easy middle school science project on photomorphogenesis  in plants and determine the effect of light on the formation of plant tissues.
Middle School
Science fair project which determines which colors of light allow plants to produce the most chlorophyll. How are color and light related to each other?
Seventh Grade
In this fun science fair project, you will learn all about leaves, including their petiole (stalk), veins, blades, and more!
Middle School
Study the process of osmosis and determine how placing cells into hypotonic and hypertonic solutions affects osmosis in this middle school science project.
Middle School

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