Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas's team of professional scientists, science teachers, and educational consultants has put together a fantastic collection of free life science, science fair projects, life science experiments, and biology science fair projects for kids. If your child has an upcoming science fair and is interested in microbiology, botany, or the human body, has you covered with cool and easy life science and biology projects that will have little biologists doing everything from building models of cells to determining if people can be genetically predisposed to hearing loss. Check out our free resources below!

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This project explores whether music affects the growth and health of plants.
Middle School
Life Science
Science fair project that examines how yeast grows, and which conditions allow for optimal growth. What types of nutrients does yeast prefer?
Life Science
Fifth Grade
When the lungs are filled, they hold varying volumes of air depending on the size of person. In this project, learn how to measure your lung's air capacity.
Middle School
In this science fair project, you will study the process of osmosis (movement of water through a type of membrane) with potatoes.
Middle School
In this science fair project, learn about transpiration, the process by which plants lose water from their leaves by evaporation.
Middle School
Protozoa and ciliate and amoeba, oh my! The objective of this science fair project is for students to use a microscope and identify microscopic life.
Middle School

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