Physics Science Fair Projects

Cultivate your child's inner Einstein with these physics science fair project ideas! Learn about the cool physics going on behind-the-scenes in our everyday lives. Whether you need physics science fair projects that would make Newton proud or a fun activity to inspire wonder in the universe, you've come to the right place.

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Do you want to know why you see rainbows in soap bubbles? It's because of light interference. Do this free science fair project to explore wave interference.
Middle School
Can airplanes fly underwater? Do this free science fair project, explore this question and the mechanics and physics of hydrodynamics.
Middle School
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to construct a parachute that will deliver an egg safely to the ground. Good luck!
Middle School
How does water pressure change with depth? Kids learn how pressure works underwater with this cool and easy demo.
Second Grade
Learn how to demagnetize a magnet and how physics can explain this phenomenon with this enlightening science fair project.
Elementary School

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