Seventh Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

When browsing our collection of 7th grade science fair project ideas, don't expect to find any paper-mâché volcanoes! has put together a solid collection of seventh grade science fair project ideas that are appropriately rigorous for 7th graders, challenging students to ask and pursue the answers to their own original scientific questions. At this age, students become bolder in regard to what they set out to explore because they know that even hypotheses that don't turn out to be true can lead to fruitful and enlightening investigations. Whether you're looking for winning 7th grade science fair project ideas, great 7th grade science experiments to do for extra credit, or unique and cool 7th grade science projects to serve as inspiration for your own class project, you've come to the right place.

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This experiment tests which gender is better at catching how a magician performs his tricks.
Seventh Grade
Elementary School
Construct calorimeter and determine the caloric value of a sample of foods by change in temperature for each of the foods.
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Determine which room has the greatest number of bacteria using exposed samples of agar agar in Petri dishes. Place in incubator observe record bacterial growth
Seventh Grade
Sixth Grade
This interactive project invites science fair-goers to participate in examination and recording to demonstrate the importance of firsthand observation.
Seventh Grade
Middle School
In this experiment you will become familiar with the properties of dry ice while creating interesting effects like ice bubbles!
Seventh Grade
Middle School
This project examines germs and their spread in households. The goal is to learn how to stop the spread of germs and other diseases.
Seventh Grade
Middle School
Is there more air particulate matter in an urban or rural environment? Test your knowledge with this science fair project.
Seventh Grade

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