3rd Grade Science Fair Projects

For their 3rd grade science projects, kids begin investigating the answers to their questions much like actual scientists would. Instead of simply collecting qualitative data (describing what they observe), 3rd graders graduate to collecting and presenting quantitative data by measuring their results with increased accuracy, communicating their findings in simple charts and graphs, and describing their observations in written prose.'s collection of 3rd grade science fair projects give kids the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills to thinking critically about the world around them while having serious fun in the process. Browse our collection of third grade science projects and experiments by using the boxes to the left to filter by topic, and find that exciting science project your child will be sure to love.

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Did you know your body is full of simple machines? This project looks at one of the third-class levers in the human body--your arm!
Third Grade
The moon doesn't produce its own light, so why can we see it shining in the sky? Learn about reflection and planetshine in this fun and easy science project!
Third Grade
Learn about sound physics and do a survey experiment to explore the difference between sound and noise in this science project.
Third Grade
Psychology and Sociology
Learn about savanna flora and fauna in this science project! Take a look at characteristics of tropical grassland plants and animals that help them survive.
Third Grade
Third Grade
Elementary School
In this physics project, learn about the relationship between light intensity and distance  using a laser pointer, flashlight, and graph paper!
Third Grade
Learn whether Mylar Balloons last longer than Latex Balloons or vice versa.
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
How does salinity affect the point at which water freezes? Kids will find out by performing this cool melting ice experiment.
Third Grade
Will increasing the amount of salt in water effect how slow or fast the water freezes?
Third Grade
What causes dilated pupils? Young scientists will find out by applying what they already know about changes in pupil size and making models of the pupil.
Third Grade
Set off an a science adventure as you prepare a row of bee homes for your new visitors.
Third Grade

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