Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities

Christmas is good food, giving, and lots of free time! These Christmas-themed activity ideas are tons of fun, and they'll keep brains and bodies busy over the holiday break.

Christmas Activities

Christmas Tree Cookies

3-D Christmas tree cookies look impressive but are an easy holiday recipe that kids can make. These sugar cookies stand up on their own!

Make a Wish Box

This holiday season, ask your child, and the rest of the family, to share their thoughts by writing one-sentence "Holiday Wishes."

Discover Christmas Smells and Memories

Memories can be easily evoked by scents that are familiar to us. In this activity, your child will test out his smell and its connection to memories with Christmas scents.

Make a Family Telephone Directory

What better way to encourage family bonding and communication than to make a family directory to help everyone keep in touch?

Fruitcake Recipe

Make this holiday fruitcake recipe that will delight friends and family. It's an easy holiday recipe that will change your opinion of fruitcake.

Popcorn Snowman

Popcorn snowmen are a tasty sweet winter recipe that kids will love making. This no-bake snack creates delicious popcorn snowmen topped with candy that are a great Christmas ...


Celebrate the season with this spicy and aromatic cookie, traditional in places like Germany and the Netherlands.

Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree!

Your little preschool elf will develop some important fine motor skills while creating an entertaining game: Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree!

Write a "Christmas Carol" Tale

This creative writing activity will get your child in the holiday spirit, help him reflect on the past and think about the future.

Christmas Skip Counting Book

Teach your child "skip counting"! This activity gives your child some practice with even numbers, while creating a cute Christmas keepsake.

Play the Santa "Clause" Game

Want to give your child some writing practice over the holidays? This holiday-themed writing activity will have your child matching Christmas clauses!

Make Frost on the Window!

As a fifth grader your child may have an opportunity to grow crystals from chemical solutions at school. Here is a fun and nifty experiment to perform at home.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Mad Libs!

Here's a fun holiday activity that will have you and your child singing, laughing, and using a great writing tool--the thesaurus!

Write Santa Claus-Themed Alliteration

By creating a paragraph of amusing, silly, and exciting alliterations about dear old Santa Claus, you can give your child an inconspicuous lesson in alliteration.

Make a Santa's Helper Paper Poinsettia

Your child can be Santa's Helper this year by making a Christmas card and a paper poinsettia for someone in her life who may get overlooked this year.

Craft a Red Nosed Reindeer Collage

Christmas is a time of celebration, but it can also provide an opportunity to learn. Regale your child with the story of Rudolph, and then segue into a fun paper art project.

How Long is Your Shadow on the Shortest Day?

Many people think of the first day of spring or the first day of school as a new beginning, but the winter solstice is a new beginning too. Explore the peak of winter!

Paint a Winter Window Wonderland

Let the world--or a window--be your canvas by transforming an ordinary household window into a snowy holiday scene.

Create Your Own Lyrics to "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

Rewriting this classic Christmas carol will spark your child's creativity while strengthening his familiarity with grammar and style elements.

Complete the Christmas Story

Here is a fun holiday exercise to reinforce your grade-schooler's understanding of adjectives from adverbs while she's away on winter break.

Construct an Edible Holiday Train

A twist on the traditional holiday gingerbread house, this holiday train is made with graham crackers and decorated with candy, icing, and other edible trimmings.

Who is Santa Claus? An Adjective Activity

Are you looking for an exciting way to help your child learn the parts of speech? Start with adjectives and have your child describe Santa Claus!

Make a Sweet Symmetry Treat

Here's a fun way to explore symmetry that will result in a sweet symmetrical treat! Put a Saint Patrick's Day twist on this recipe by making symmetrical shamrocks.

Winter Tea Party

Transform your kitchen table into a winter wonderland with a cookie and cocoa party that looks freshly dusted with snow.

Gingerbread Logic

Kids love to decorate gingerbread men, especially during the holidays. Sneak a little math in and this gingerbread man will make an excellent teacher!

Explore Christmas Tree Science

The Christmas season is a great time to explore the many shapes, sizes, and species of evergreen trees. Download our "field guide" activity and learn more!

Write a Letter to Santa Claus

Help your child maintain the treasured past time of letter writing by teaching her how to compose a personal letter with all the correct components--to Santa!

O'Henry Christmas Story

As your child writes his own version of "The Gift of the Magi," he will reflect on issues like self-image, sacrifice, love, and family.

Make Rudolph-Themed Metaphors

Looking for a fun way to teach your child about metaphors? Try writing a poem featuring one of the most classic of holiday icons: Rudolph.

Practice Christmas Countdown Math

How many ways can Christmas fun "add up"? Download this fourth grade math worksheet and find out!

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