Homemade Christmas Decorations

Homemade Christmas Decorations

This year, make decking the halls a fun family activity that's easy on your wallet. These homemade decoration ideas are a blast to make, plus crafting practices fine motor skills and promotes creativity! Check out our collection of ornament ideas to make your Christmas tree shine.

Homemade Decorations

Construct a Winter Wind Chime

By making a winter wind chime, your child will be able to check out this invisible force in action and discover that making a scientific observation can be a "breeze"!

Candy Cane Holder

Store your candy canes in this festive candy cane holder that's easy for kids to make and looks beautiful on a tree, fireplace or hanging form a door.

Rudolph Card Holder

Want Rudolph to help guide you through the holidays like he does for Santa? Make this cute holiday card holder so you can keep track of them and share them with the world.

Recycle Paper Bags into Christmas Stockings

Not sure what to do with odd bits of wrapping paper left over from wrapping presents? Use them to embellish paper bag stockings to decorate your home.

Create an Advent Countdown Christmas Tree

Count down the days to Christmas by creating your own advent calendar! Each pocket holds a tiny treat or a special message.

Papier-Mâché Centerpiece Bowl

Let your kid be imaginative (and a little messy) as she builds a striking centerpiece in the tradition of papier-mâché artists of the past.

Christmas Card Holder Craft

In this activity, your budding artist will learn how to create a charming, customized cardholder to keep all of the Christmas greetings your family receives in one tidy place!

Pine Cone Decorations

This holiday craft only requires a few pine cones, paint, glue, and cotton balls. The result will certainly spruce up your holiday decorations!

Homemade Ornaments

Pasta Christmas Ornaments

Make this easy pasta ornament that looks good hanging from a tree or gift. Kids will love playing with their food and decorating it with glitter.

Make Marbled Christmas Balls

Using just some paint and clear plastic ornament balls, your child can usher in the holidays by making his own homemade marbled Christmas ornaments!

Wreath Ornament

Make a bright wreath ornament in this fun sensory activity. Made from common household ingredients, the textured dough is fun to squish between little fingers.

Hand-Cast Paper Holiday Ornaments

Beautiful hand-cast paper ornaments may look as delicate as newly fallen snow, but they're actually quite sturdy -- and fun for kids to make!

Origami Christmas Ornaments

This holiday season, put your torn wrapping paper to good use with this charming origami ornament project.

Snowman Ornament

This snowman ornament craft is great for the holidays because your child can make an easy snowman and use it on the tree or as a homemade gift tag.

Craft a Blown Egg Ornament

Full of color and charm, these handcrafted ornaments make striking decorations for Christmas or Easter.

Spaghetti Ornaments

These spaghetti ornaments take seconds to make and are a great festive addition to a tree, gift or window display.

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