Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Looking for gift ideas that won’t break the bank? These homemade gifts are cheap, fun to make, and meaningful. Plus, check out our stock of homemade greeting card ideas.

Homemade Gifts

Bon Bon Recipe

Bon means "good" in French, an apt name for these delicious treats. Ring in the new year with a plate of sweet bonbons tossed in three different coatings.

Make a Homemade Keepsake Book

A keepsake book is a great present for your child to make for someone special. No matter which direction he takes it, his present is sure to make the recipient smile.

Make Snowman Soup!

When it's cold out, nothing tastes better than a warm cup of cocoa! This measuring project is great for young kids and makes a fun holiday gift for teachers and friends.

Make Your Own Trivet

Have fun gathering fallen twigs in the yard or at school, then weave them into an attractive trivet for hot pots and pans.

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Give pretty presents without the pricey paper! Add a creative touch to gifts with some unique wrapping materials from around the house.

Catnip Mice

There's no need to visit expensive pet stores for a new toy for your feline! Simply show your child how to make these catnip mice from the comfort of her very own home.

Make Your Own Watercolor Wrapping Paper

Homemade wrapping paper is a great kid project. As they experiment with paint and crayons, they're also doing science, art, and building fine motor skills.

Bake Candy Cane Cookies!

Candy cane cookies are a great alternative to traditional candy canes, and your family will have a blast making them over the holidays!

Homemade Cards

Paper Snow Globe

This paper snow globe makes a beautiful card. Your child can make it for loved ones as a holiday craft that draws inspiration from traditional snow globes.

Thumbprint Christmas Tree Cards

Recipients will agree that these homemade cards beat store-bought, boxed cards any day.

Cookie Cards

Want to go "paperless" this holiday season? Here's one delicious place to start.

Weave a Christmas Card!

Making woven Christmas greetings is a wonderful way to recycle old Christmas cards! Your child will build her motor skills as she learns how to use a ruler and weave paper.

Santa Card

Make this holiday Santa card for a loved one and show your love with a homemade craft that kids will love to give along with their presents.

Holiday Greeting Cards

Help your child make a fun sparkly greeting card for family and friends, and boost fine motor skills in the process.

Fingerpaint Christmas Cards

These homemade thumbprint cards are as personalized as it gets, and your child will love using his prints to make holiday magic!

Holiday Thank You Cards

Teaching your child how to write proper thank you cards when she receives gifts will go a long way in instilling good habits for the future.

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