Easter Activities, Easter Crafts, and More!

Easter Activities, Easter Crafts, and More!

The arrival of Easter means Spring has sprung. Here’s all the ideas you need to get the most fun and learning out of this holiday, plus some great recipes for Easter treats.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Craft a Blown Egg Ornament

Full of color and charm, these handcrafted ornaments make striking decorations for Christmas or Easter.

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Forget store-bought, artificial dyes this Easter: everything you need to color your Easter eggs is right in your own kitchen.

Papier-Mâché Easter Eggs

Skip the plastic store-bought eggs: this Easter, make a papier-mâché Easter egg sculpture instead!

Golden Egg

Dyeing eggs can get messy, but luckily it isn't the only option for Easter egg decorating. Using sequins your child can make a gorgeous gold-plated egg!

Easter Activities

See-Through Egg Science

Here's a science experiment that your child can do with a real chicken egg. Using vinegar, you can make the egg's shell see-through, and observe what's going on inside!

Easter Garden

Instead of the traditional egg hunt, try this creative variation that will result in a beautiful Easter garden.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Add some excitement to Easter day with a new version of the classic egg hunt. Instead of the usual hide-and-find game, try a family scavenger hunt instead.

Easter Math Game

Sneak a little math into Easter with a jellybean logic game. It's colorful, fun, and packed with place value practice.

Easter Crafts

Bunny Mask

Why wait for the Easter bunny to arrive when your child can become a bunny herself? Creating a bunny mask is the perfect way to celebrate Easter.

Jelly Bean Art

Take advantage of bright jelly beans available around Easter time and create a colorful jelly bean mosaic!

Easter Wreath

As Easter approaches, it's nice to put out a few decorations that emphasize the beauty and freshness of spring. This Easter wreath is the perfect addition.

Beaded Easter Egg Decorations

Vinegar and food coloring is so last year. This year, make the most original Easter eggs on the block with this beading craft to ring in the spring!

Easter Recipes and Party Ideas

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Who needs chocolate eggs when you've got Easter basket cupcakes topped with green coconut grass and jelly bean eggs?

Easter Game for Kids

Hunting for eggs is fun, but have you ever thought of bobbing for them in a giant blob of whipped cream? Here's a party game that's guaranteed to be a hit.

Carrot Salad

Serve this seasonal carrot salad at Easter brunch this year, and it just might hop onto your family's list of healthy favorites.

Bunny Cake

If you're looking for just the right dessert to serve with your Easter dinner, and one that will please young children and adults alike, try your hand at an Easter Bunny cake.

Easter Coloring Pages

Color an Easter Mandala

Have your child color in these bunnies, beans and baby chicks in anticipation of Easter.

Color the Spring Pony

Bring a little spring cheer to your child's day with this cute pony coloring page.

Rabbit Coloring Page

Did you know that rabbits often play the role of the trickster in fairy tales and fables? Have your kid color this bunny while she imagines his next adventure.

Color the Easter Tulips

This tulip coloring page is just the thing to inspire your little artist on Easter. For an extra bit of fun, read the Easter rhyme aloud for everyone!

Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Color the Easter Egg

In this coloring page the Easter Bunny is painting an egg, and your child needs to help him add color and patterns to the blank egg.

Easter Basket Coloring Page

Help your preschooler celebrate this festive holiday by adding color to the painted eggs in this Easter basket coloring page!

Easter Egg Coloring Page

Celebrate a favorite spring holiday with this cuddly Easter egg coloring page.

Easter Egg Connect the Dots

There's more than one way to decorate an egg, from polka dots to connect-the-dots!

Easter Worksheets

Easter Math: Egg Subtraction

"Eggstraction" takes the boredom out of subtraction practice, and it'll get your child into the Easter spirit, too!

Easter Alphabet Maze

It's a-maze-ing where the alphabet can lead you!

Easter Sight Words: Sun

The sun is out for writing and sentence building practice. Let your child play with words and learn!

Create a Calendar: April

Just in time for spring, here's a fun calendar printable that challenges your kid to fill in all the dates of the month himself.

Spring Activities

Spring Cleaning Science

Guide your teen through some spring cleaning science. He'll gain insight into the scientific method and familiarize himself with the pros and cons of cleaning products.

How to Make a Sketchbook

Get your kid to venture outside to observe the world around her. She'll collect natural items from the outdoors to make prints and sketches for her garden sketchbook!

Make Flower Pot Music

Turn flower pots into a unique musical instrument! Your child's eardrum will be vibrating in this activity that teaches him to appreciate the beauty of natural music and sound.

Grow Bean Sprouts Without Soil

Can you grow a seed without soil? Kids can find out the answer with a simple experiment that may produce something as magical as Jack's beanstalk.

Spring Crafts

Flower Embossing

Help him emboss his own design reminiscent of the metalwork of the Middle Ages. Using foil and a wooden stylus, he'll create pretty springtime flower images.

Craft a Swan Plant Container

Teach your child about recycling by turning a plastic milk jug into a swan-shaped planter. It might even spark her interest in gardening!

Flower Pressing

Show your preschooler how to press flowers into a modeling medium to discover the wonders of simple clay play!

Make a Handprint Butterfly

Show your child the natural beauty of butterflies by making butterfly prints using her own hand as a tool. It's a great way to stimulate her sense of touch.

Celebrate Passover!

Celebrate Passover!

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