Happy Graduation!

Happy Graduation!

Graduation Day is a big to-do for families and communities. Here are some great ideas to help make the day special for you and your child - from great gift suggestions, to party ideas, to expert advice on dealing with the transition.

Graduation Gift Ideas

Great Gifts for Middle School Grads

Looking for gifts for middle school grads? Here are eight ideas to send them onto high school in style.

Ten Great High School Graduation Gifts

Here are 10 cool ideas for the high school graduate--from college dorm must-haves to experiential gifts he'll remember for a lifetime.

Graduation Clip

Add a creative and personal touch to graduation gifts with this clever character clip that's perfect for securing cards to gift boxes.

Six Great Books for Graduates, from Kindergarten to Senior Year

Stumped for the perfect gift for your grad? These six books take kids from grade school to grown-up with insights that will stay with them for years.

Graduation Party Ideas

Throw a "Throwback" Graduation Party

There was a point in time when parents were graduates too! Celebrate your child's graduation by throwing a "throw back" party that pays homage to the year you graduated.

Throw a Remember When Graduation Party

Help your child pay homage to her years of hard work in school as she celebrates the next step in her academic life. Throw her a Remember When Graduation Party!

Give a Graduation Breakfast!

A three-course breakfast menu to start the day of graduation off right! Make your grad feel special with this delicious set of recipes.

Throw an "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" Graduation Party

Throw a kindergarten graduation party with an "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" theme.

Graduation Crafts & Activities

Make a Teen Years Time Capsule

For a fun activity that will have lasting effects, make this time capsule with your high school child, to be opened after college graduation.

Become a Cereal Scrapbooker

When it comes to scrapbooking, you don't have to splurge. Help your teen preserve senior year memories on the cheap by turning cereal boxes into scrapbook pages.

Family Yearbook

Family activities are constant, so documenting these memories may seem like extra work. But you can transform this task into a creative pastime by crafting a family yearbook.

My Favorite Subject

Whatever topic it was that made your teen want to put her thinking cap on, this activity helps her celebrate her favorite subject with a twist-on-a-classic yearbook.

Graduation 101 for Parents & Kids

High School Graduation Blues: How to Let Go

If empty nest (or emptying nest) syndrome is affecting you, the thought of her first solo flight may also be making your chick uneasy. Here's how to cope.

Tips to Help Your Grad Pay It Forward

Graduation is a time to celebrate your accomplishments, but it’s also a time for your grad to give thanks to the school and community that helped her succeed

Four Things You Never Knew About Graduation

How much do you know about the origin of graduation traditions? Read up to find out.

College Readiness

The Transition to College: Five Tips for Parents

A lot happens between the acceptance letter and the first day of class. Now's the perfect time for parents to prepare, get organized and plan ahead. Here are some tips.

Summer Internships 101

Now is the time to help your child score a great summer internship.

The College Tour: What You Need to Know

The lessons I learned over three years and hundreds of tours as a Stanford University tour guide could fill a book. Here are the Cliff’s Notes:

A Guide to Understanding Savings Accounts and Interest Rates

Here's an activity to help your teenager make informed decisions about managing his finances and saving wisely for his future.