Halloween Party Ideas

We've got everything you need to help make your Halloween party truly ghouly and spooktacular! Use these great Halloween party ideas to help make your party even better.

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Drink Ideas

Set up a spooky beverage bar in your home this Halloween and concoct some spooktacular beverages to frighten and satisfy your guests this year.

Witch Halloween Card

Celebrate the spirit of Halloween by creating your own magical witch card that stands up all by itself!

Candy Bags

If your little one is looking for a solution to the way-too-heavy bag of candy problem, this conical candy bag is just the ticket!

Halloween Party Game

Get ready for some scary Halloween counting practice! This tactile ball rolling game encourages players to knock down as many cylinders as they can, then they subtract what ...

Halloween Recipes

Halloween Pasta

Help your child concoct green pasta with ingredients like toothy almonds and pureed spinach for a super scary, and tasty, Halloween dinner!

Mummy Pizza

This fun Halloween snack tastes like pizza and looks like mummies. Mummy pizzas are easy for kids to make and delicious for a quick bite.

Zombie Cupcakes

This Halloween cupcake idea turns normal dessert into a spooky zombie brain cake that kids and adults will have fun making and eating.

Zombie Feast

No tricks, just treats this Halloween with these deliciously spooky recipes for some festive snacks.

Halloween Games

Pumpkin Game: Candy Toss!

This quick pumpkin game: candy toss! Is pure Halloween fun, and a sure delight for the little ones.

Halloween Fortune Spinner

The Halloween Ghost is as wise and far-seeing as he is spooky. What's in store for you this Halloween? Ask the Ghost, and learn your future if you dare!

Printable Board Game: Halloween Match-Up

Here's a simple Halloween card game that you can print out at home.

Halloween Board Game

Here's a Halloween board game that's extra special--not only do kids get to play it, they get to color it themselves!

Halloween History Quiz

Think you know the history of this hair-raising holiday? Take this quiz with your child, and bring a little history and culture to your family’s Halloween celebrations.

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