Halloween is an enchanting time for children and adults alike. Here are some tips to help your family celebrate, from terrific homemade costume ideas to wickedly fun crafts and party ideas, in addition to articles on how to keep your kids safe and healthy this year.

Halloween Crafts

Owl Bags

Lunch is always better when you have a wise companion to join in the fun! This wide-eyed owl is a great way for your growing learner to practice cutting triangles and circles.

Scary Hand Halloween Decoration

Halloween wouldn't be complete without a creepy paper hand with spider and eyeball rings to help decorate a haunted house!

Black Cat

Not every black cat you come across is a bad omen! Your child will have a blast creating this adorable whiskered friend. She's a great house pet (no kitty litter required!).

Crazy Eyes

Take a look at this oogly-googly eye Halloween craft! Have your child tweak the design to learn about balance and counterbalance with this crazy-eyed creature.

Scary Ghost

Practice counting to five with your child while making this adorably "scary" ghost to celebrate Halloween!

Dancing Skeleton

Having some dancing skeletons hanging around is great way to prepare for All Hallows' Eve. While this spooky fella isn't anatomically correct, he sure knows how to party.

Halloween Party Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Party Activities

Invite a few families over and host a hearty autumnal supper certain to keep everyone wickedly warm during the outdoor pumpkin carving bonanza.

Zombie Fingers Recipe

Turn string cheese into scary sculptures this Halloween, with this easy food craft that kids will love munching on.

Black Fuzzy Spider

Do you want a little scare with your lollipop? Here's an eight-legged creepy crawler who is sure to surprise anyone looking for a treat.

Halloween Candlelight

This Halloween, your child can make her very own jar light that will shine bright throughout the night!

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Spooktacular Halloween Activities

Halloween Shadow Pumpkin Symmetry

Teach a lesson in math and art with the concept of symmetry, while making a spooky paper shadow pumpkin for Halloween!

Spooky Science Experiment

Craft colorful concoctions, make great gooey potions, and explore how much fun science can be.

Candy Corn Subtraction

This Halloween, put some of that candy corn you've got lying around to good use, by using it to help your child practice her subtraction skills!

Halloween Watercolor

Create your very own creepy, haunted castle sitting in a turbulent field of flowing grass, eerily surrounded by dark, ominous clouds.

Halloween Story Problems

Seasonal story problems are fun, and motivate kids to think critically. Here's how you can craft your own story problems from scratch.

Number Flash Cards

A Halloween twist on the usual flash cards. Help your child learn her numbers with these easy fall flash cards.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

How to Make Fairy Wings

Does your child dream of dressing up like a real fairy? Whether it's Halloween, or just a regular day, it's easy to make the wings she wants!

Make Your Own Costume: The Four Seasons

Using plants and other items from the outdoors and clothing they already own, your kids can dress up as any one of the four seasons or simply as a Garden.

Homemade Ladybug Costume

A ladybug is a quick and easy costume to make for kids of any age. You'll probably find most of the things you need at a thrift store, or maybe even in your child's dresser!

How to Make a Cape

What kid doesn't want to be a superhero and fly around town? Here's how to make a superhero cape out of an old sheet or piece of fabric.

DIY Butterfly Costume

Need a last-minute costume idea? This cute butterfly costume comes together in under an hour and will help you save time and money this Halloween.

Make Your Own Computer Costume!

Save some money this Halloween by helping your child make his own costume! This do-it-yourself computer costume will work great for your young techie, but it can also be ...

Halloween Coloring Pages

Jack O' Lantern Coloring Page

Help these jack o' lantern buddies prepare for Halloween by giving them some spooky color!

Color the Walking Mummy

A menacing mummy wanders the night, looking for kids to frighten and spook!

Color the Haunted Tree

Even the trees are getting into the Halloween spirit in this spooktacular coloring page.

Toil and Trouble Coloring Page

This fun and spooky coloring page features witches busy making a magic potion.

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Halloween History Quiz

Think you know the history of this hair-raising holiday? Take this quiz with your child, and bring a little history and culture to your family’s Halloween celebrations.

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