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Holiday Central

Your one-stop shop for everything you and your family need to have the happiest of holidays. Get recipes, homemade gift ideas, decorations for every special occasion this holiday season.

Homemade Decorations

Wreath Ornament

Make a bright wreath ornament in this fun sensory activity. Made from common household ingredients, the textured dough is fun to squish between little fingers.

Mason Jar Lights

Want to add a bit of holiday sparkle to a bland patio or dinner table? Just add Christmas lights to Mason jars!

Spaghetti Ornaments

These spaghetti ornaments take seconds to make and are a great festive addition to a tree, gift or window display.

Orange Pomander

The fragrant scent of this traditional holiday decoration fills the air and evokes thoughts of crisp autumn days and warm holiday cheer.

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Holiday Recipes

Chocolate-Covered Apples

If you love the idea of handing out holiday tins of homemade cookies but your baking skills are non-existent, gourmet caramel apples are the perfect solution.

Gingerbread Cookies

Get your kid into the holiday spirit by showing him how to bake soft, chewy, and sugary gingerbread cookies!

Homemade Candy Canes

Marbled candy canes are a traditional winter festival gift that looks good poking out of the top of a Christmas stocking, tied to a tree with ribbon, or adorning a beautifully ...

Apple Cider Recipe

Freshly brewed apple cider is a perennial favorite for the winter holidays, and it's the rare beverage that will please both kids and adults.

Homemade Gifts

Peppermint Fudge

Explore your kitchen and create a delicious holiday fudge that your child can share with friends and family!

Glitter Vase

The elegance of a glitter vase will rival the flowers inside it! Help your child craft this artsy gift as a special gift for a loved one.

DIY Homemade Snow Globe

Is there anything more enticing to a young child than a snow globe? Here's a snow globe that's extra special as kids can make it themselves!

Cookie Tin

You can buy fancy gift tins for your homemade cookies this year, but if you've got a curious kid, why not try this inexpensive, easy and truly adorable version?

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Kwanzaa Activities

Celebrate Kwanzaa: Weave a Mkeka

This mkeka, or Kwanzaa mat, is one of the seven symbols of Kwanzaa. Celebrate this tradition by weaving your own version out of an ordinary paper bag.

Light the Kinara!

The Kinara is the seven-candle holder that represents an African family's heritage. Explore a new cultural tradition with this fast-paced Kinara game!

Map Your Life Path with a Kwanzaa Sankofa

The Swahili Sankofa embodies three concepts: honoring the past, finding your purpose in the present, and discovering your destiny.

Make a Kid-Friendly Egg Carton Kinara

Even the littlest kids can participate in the Kwanzaa celebration with this clever flameless Kinara.

Coconut Cream Pie

Make this delicious coconut cream pie recipe this Kwanzaa, and teach your kids the meaning of this important African-American holiday.

Kwanzaa Decorations

Brighten your home with hand-made Kwanzaa decorations, colored by you and your little ones! These cut-outs can serve as a great tabletop decoration.

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