Read Across America and Celebrate Dr. Seuss!

Read Across America and Celebrate Dr. Seuss!

The books of Dr. Seuss are an inspiration to young readers. Celebrate reading with Read Across America, the event that honors Dr. Seuss's birthday by getting kids excited about reading. Get started with these great reading activities and Seuss-inspired crafts, ideas for school events, resources for parents, and more!

Seussational Activities

Make a Cat in the Hat-Inspired Hat

What better way to embrace the world of Dr. Seuss than to dress up like one of his classic characters? This accessory making activity channels perhaps the most famous of all - ...

Make a Horton-Inspired Elephant Nose and Ears

Jump into the world of Dr. Seuss: craft an elephant costume inspired by Horton from "Horton Hears a Who!"!

My Very Own Dr. Seuss Activity Book

Inspired by the wonderful work of Dr. Seuss, this 20-page activity booklet is full of reading, math, and most importantly, fun!

Hop on Pop Hopscotch

Celebrate Seuss and help build your child's reading and vocabulary skills with this happily hop-filled game! Play Hop on Pop Hopscotch!

Get Crafty with Reading!

Fairy Tale Dice

Create Fairy Tale Dice and inspire your child to weave fantastic fairy tales! Not only will this help your child learn about story sequencing, but he'll also get practice ...

Visual Bookmarks

Has your kid embarked on the adventure of reading whole books? Help him build strong reading habits by showing him how to illustrate a bookmark with his favorite story scene.

Make Clay Idioms a "Piece of Cake"!

Idioms, words or phrases that have figurative meanings different from their literal ones, can be found everywhere from the books we read to our everyday conversations. Idioms ...

Illustrate a Famous Book!

What if your child couldn't see the pictures in her favorite illustrated books? In this activity, she'll listen to a story without looking at it, and create her own images.

How to Celebrate

A Parent's Guide to the World's Biggest Reading Party

On March 2nd, millions of kids will crack open a book, all in the name of Dr. Seuss. And your kids can join them!

Seuss in Schools: Tips for Celebrating Read Across America for Teachers and Administrators

It's time to rejoice, it's time to smile. Celebrate reading in true Seuss-style!

Teen Readers and Read Across America

Getting teens to read is a great challenge, but not an impossible one. Here are some clever ideas to get you going.

The Reader's Oath

Print this poem for your child to affirm his dedication to reading, courtesy of the NEA and Read Across America Day!

Inspire and Support Your Budding Reader

It's Not What You Read, But How You Read It!

Research increasingly suggests that how we read with kids is as important as what we read. Here are expert tips on how parents can ramp up their reading skills.

5 Ways to Support an Emerging Reader

Find out what you really need to support your emerging reader.

Easy Ways to Increase Your Child's Reading Fluency

Help your child along towards reading fluency with these easy and enjoyable activities.

What Makes a Children's Book a Classic?

Why is it that some books become timeless favorites, destined to be read and re-read, while others get set aside after the first cursory glance? And how can parents predict ...

Best Books

30 Best Books for Elementary Readers

Teacher and children's literature specialist Esme Raji Codell sifted through thousands of books to come up with her top 5 picks for kindergarten through fifth grade, plus a ...

Top Ten Read Alouds for First Graders

Reading aloud to your child is especially important during first grade, when independent reading is still a lot of work. Here are 10 books that are enjoyable and hit on some ...

Enthralling Nonfiction for Early Readers

The earlier young readers begin to explore nonfiction, the better. Here are five exciting, beautifully illustrated books of nonfiction for early readers ages four and older.

First Grade Books to Grow With

One of your first grader's biggest challenges is learning to read. While waiting for those words to start jumping off the page, read to them! Listening to some of these stories ...

Dr. Seuss Quiz