Thanksgiving Central

This Thanksgiving, spend quality time with your child: decorate, cook delicious recipes and visit with family members. This holiday is also a wonderful way to teach your child about history, and engage in some fun learning activities.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Make a Tissue Box Thanksgiving Turkey

Looking for a cute craft project for Thanksgiving? Look no further than this tissue box turkey! Not only is it fun to create, but it makes a great holiday centerpiece.

Make an Apple Turkey!

What could be more in the Thanksgiving spirit than a celebration of the turkey? Let the little ones partake in the turkey fun, without having to do any of the carving.

Make a Thanksgiving Table Runner

This Thanksgiving table runner craft isn't just fun and festive, it also helps your child build muscles for hand strength, fine motor skills, and handwriting.

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Thanksgiving Activities and Printables

Make a Paper Plate Turkey Photo Frame

Your child can say thanks by surprising a friend, a teacher or a grandparent with this paper plate turkey which doubles as a festive wall hanging and special photo display.

Turkey Time

The passage of time is an abstract concept that's sometimes very difficult for young minds to grasp. But waiting for the turkey to come out of the oven every Thanksgiving is a ...

Turkey Cupcakes

These sweet cupcakes look like turkeys but taste like dessert. Turkey cupcakes are easy to make and look like the real thing, making dinner a festive occasion.

Make a Thanksgiving Thank You Apron

Help your child give a heartfelt "thank you" to your family's chef this Thanksgiving with this "handy" painted apron.

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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages & Worksheets

Thanksgiving Banner

Spruce up the house this Thanksgiving with a special banner, handmade and colored by your little artist.

Mayflower Coloring Page

Color in a picture of The Mayflower, the ship that carried some of the first people to come to America.

Holiday Word Search: Thanksgiving

Challenge your kid to search for and find the hidden Thanksgiving-themed words in this fun word search!

Holiday Math: Thanksgiving Subtraction

The Thanksgiving holiday brings turkey, stuffing, family...and subtraction? Here's a great way to sneak in some math over Thanksgiving weekend.

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Thanksgiving History

The Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet

Need a little brush-up on your knowledge of Thanksgiving history? Here's a review of the major historical points that your child might ask, plus tips to help your child ...

Thanksgiving Myths - Debunked!

We all know the story of Thanksgiving. But how much of this story is actual history and how much of this is romanticized mythology? Find out!

Beyond Pilgrims: A Fresh Approach to Thanksgiving

Are you tired of the annual parade of pilgrim costumes and paper turkeys? Try incorporating a few of the following activities to help your kids get into the holiday spirit!

Teach Your Kids Native American History

Many of us still know very little about the people who first settled and still live in our communities. There were many different tribes of Native Americans, each with unique ...

How to Make the Most of Thanksgiving

Making Time for Thanksgiving

Prioritize: think about what kind of a holiday you want to have, and organize your to-do list with that goal firmly in mind.

Kindergarten Cooking: What Kids Learn

When kindergarteners help out in the kitchen, they're learning math, science, and reading. But they're also learning social skills, by working together to make the meal, ...

Mind Your Manners! Table Manners 101

Teach your kids to take small portions until everyone has been served, and remind them that they can always have seconds.

Holiday Meals: A Great Time for Interaction and Learning

Holiday meals make for great math skills practice: help your child count how many apples are in the basket or how many chairs are at the table.

Thanksgiving History Quiz