Thanksgiving Activities and Printables

Between the pilgrim costumes and the pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving provides some wonderful opportunities for learning. Here are some activity ideas, fall crafts, and printable pages to keep your child's mind active over the holiday break.

Thanksgiving Activities

Make a Family "Thankful Box"

This holiday season, help your third grader celebrate the many gifts--so often both cost-free and priceless--that the family has shared this year.

Three Outdoor Pilgrim Games

When you're running off a big turkey dinner, your family may have traditions such as family football or pick-up basketball. But if you're interested in adding a historic theme, ...

Handprint Turkey

Take finger painting to the next level as you show him how to stamp turkeys with his hands as his sense of touch is awoken by the cold, squishy paint. The final product can be ...

Play the Iroquois Plate Game

This Thanksgiving, try playing this fun Native American game with the whole family.

Make Corn Husk Flowers

Transform corn on the cob into a bouquet of flowers. Magic? Nope. Just a little craftiness and a lot of fun.

Craft a Mini Totem Pole

Do this artistic activity to teach your child about the beautiful totem pole carvings of the Pacific Northwest Native American tribes! Use spools and markers to create a mini ...

Thanksgiving Printables

Holiday Word Search: Thanksgiving

Challenge your kid to search for and find the hidden Thanksgiving-themed words in this fun word search!

Food Groups For Kids: Thanksgiving

Grain, dairy, meat, or vegetable? Teach your kids about the food groups with a Thanksgiving-themed cut-and-paste sorting activity.

Holiday Math: Thanksgiving Subtraction

The Thanksgiving holiday brings turkey, stuffing, family...and subtraction? Here's a great way to sneak in some math over Thanksgiving weekend.

Sudoku for Kids: Thanksgiving

Kindergarteners can solve this festive Thanksgiving-themed Sudoku puzzle by cutting and gluing pictures into the puzzle, with each picture appearing only once in each row, ...

Draw Your Thanksgiving Dinner

What's on your Thanksgiving plate? Your child can use this empty place setting as her canvas to draw and color a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving Day Maze

In this Thanksgiving Day maze, your child must complete the loopy maze to connect the little boy with his lost turkey.

Fun Fall Activities

Make a Raffia-Wrapped Fall Wreath

Boost fine motor skills and get in the spirit of fall with this fun wreath-making project. The end result is a beautiful autumn decoration, perfect for hanging on your front ...

Leaf Skeleton

Five-year-olds: they're fascinated by nature, science, and especially enjoy investigative experiments! Making a leaf skeleton helps the curious kid investigate and study the ...

Make Leaf Rubbing Gift Cards

Combine science with reading and art to help your first grader create an attractive holiday gift for a beloved friend or relative.

Create Changing Leaves Scratch Art

Study science with your first grader in this arts and crafts activity that models the reason why fall leaves change color with some paint and crayons.

Pumpkin Science: To Float or Not to Float?

Help your kindergarten scientist discover relative size, density, and buoyancy with this fun, pumpkin science project!

Make Your Own Seed Packets

Create homemade seed packets with your kids. This activity combines your kids' love of science and the outdoors with a little writing and drawing fun.

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