Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Who needs expensive, cookie-cutter Valentines when you've got the makings for some homemade cards at home? Here are some unique and heartfelt ideas.

Homemade Valentine's Cards

Homemade Valentine's Gift

This project is the perfect thoughtful--and handmade--gift for your child to create for that special someone; it holds a sweet, personal message for the recipient to discover!

Secret Code Valentine

Children love using creativity to develop their own secret code. Why not encourage this fascination a bit more and assist him in creating a mysterious homemade Valentine?

Valentine Heart Card

Using low-tech supplies and a little extra ingenuity, you can help your child create a unique, heartfelt card that says a very special "I love you."

Make a Valentine Lollypop Greeting

Sure, you can go out and buy a box of Valentine cards--but for a special message try this simple craft activity to make someone's day.

Heart Card

Here's a sweet heart for your sweetheart! This Valentine's Day, make this marbled homemade heart to give as a card or to decorate your home.

Wax Paper Hearts

We love this snappy, fresh Valentine note project for third graders. Try it and see!

Valentine Party Blower Messages

Here's a hilarious alternative to those sugary conversation hearts...and a way to keep building first grade literacy skills while you're at it!

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Minimize waste and cost this year by encouraging your child to make her own friendly greeting cards.

Make Animal-Themed Valentines

Use adorable animal photos from books or magazines to make these simple valentines that can be given to classmates or friends.

Make Kitchen Sponge Heart Cards

In this activity, kids use sponges to make textured stamps for homemade, artistic Valentine's Day cards.