Winter Fun

Winter Fun

Winter is here, and that means family celebrations, hours spent indoors, and plenty of opportunity for fun and learning. Banish the winter chill with these fun crafts, activities, coloring pages and more!

Winter Activities

Snowman Paper Bag Puppet

During the chilly winter season, try this fun indoor craft with your preschooler to help him explore art concepts like shape, form, and texture.

Make Snowflake Counting Cards

Get your preschooler ready for kindergarten by helping him learn numbers 1-10 with pretty snowflake counting cards.

Sculpt Clay Snowflakes

You don't have to brave the chill to enjoy the beauty of winter. Make sparkly snowflake sculptures and experience winter from the comfort and warmth of your home.

Igloo Picture

Here's a great activity to help them satisfy their snow play cravings in a cozy indoor setting. They can create their very own igloo picture!

Winter Picture

With a few strokes of white paint, kids can transform an old family photograph into a lovely winter scene.

Winter World

Enjoy the holiday season by making your own winter world. You'll also introduce your kid to pointillism, a technique that uses dots to create an image.

Winter Printables

Snow Globe Coloring Page

Does your child want a snow globe of her own? This snow globe coloring page is a great substitute!

Sleigh Ride Coloring Page

In the cold winter weather, there's nothing more fun than going on a cozy sleigh ride through the snow.

Addition in the Snow

Turn a snow day into a math day with this festive addition worksheet that offers single-digit problems with sums up to 9.

Snowy Day Coloring Page

Is your child wishing for a snowy day? Give him this cute coloring page! It features two children making their own snowman in the midst of a winter snow.

Mitten Mix-and-Match

What a mitten mess! In this fun holiday printable, your child will sort through the pile of mittens, drawing a line from each mitten to the one that matches.

Play Snowman Race

This drawing game is sure to entertain your child and get her all ready for winter, too.