Celebrate the Winter Olympics

Celebrate the Winter Olympics

It only comes once every four years: The Winter Olympics. Take time out to celebrate with these ideas, from fun Olympic activities and crafts, to cool coloring pages, to great party ideas and recipes.

Olympic Activities

Make an Alpine Skiing Double Bar Graph

While watching the Winter Olympics this February, help your child master an important 4th grade math skill by creating a colorful bar graph using data from the Alpine Skiing ...

The Olympic Athlete: A Gold-Medal Writing Project

The Olympics isn't just a portrayal of athleticism at its best; it also represents a clash of personalities, an overcoming of challenges, and determination of the human spirit. ...

Paint an Olympic Portrait

If your child aspires to be an Olympic superstar, encourage her to put her dreams on paper by painting herself as an Olympic athlete.

Olympic Postcards

What's the first thing an Olympic athlete does after arriving in the Olympic Village? Send a postcard to the folks back home, of course!

Olympic Crafts

Make an Olympic Torch

Passed from hand to hand, and country to country, the torch must burn brightly as a symbol of the enduring tradition of the Olympics. Here's how to make your own!

Make Olympic Ring Bracelets

Whether your child is an Olympic hopeful or simply an avid fan, she can show her pride and support of the Games this year by making Olympic ring bracelets!

Flags of the World Banner

Spark your child's interest in the Winter Olympics by creating a decorative banner of world flags, and then following each country's activity in the Olympic Games!

Olympic Mittens

This fun, simple sewing exercise helps children grasp some basic sewing concepts and practice dexterity.

Olympic Worksheets and Printables

Aerial Skiing Coloring Page

As your child colors in this aerial skiing coloring page, she will have a great time while improving her fine motor skills. This printable is sure to keep her entertained on ...

Alpine Skiing Coloring Page

Introduce your child to different skiing styles and vocabulary with this entertaining set of worksheets! This printable will get him interested in alpine skiing as his fine ...

Bobsled Coloring Page

Introduce your child to bobsledding, the exciting Swiss sport that entails sliding down an ice-covered run on a metal sled. Her fine motor skills will receive a boost as she ...

Cross-Country Skiing Coloring Page

Get your child into the winter spirit with this adorable coloring sheet featuring one of the most challenging ski methods: cross country skiing!

Learning About the Olympics

The Science Behind the Winter Olympics

Here's how to make the Olympics a gold-medal learning experience!

Gold Medal Reads for the Winter Games

Looking for something to read with your kids during the Winter Olympics? Look no further than this list of seven solid gold books.

Math Up the Olympics!

As athletes from around the world gather for the upcoming Olympic Games, it's the perfect moment to capture your child's interest in the exciting events that are about to take ...

What You Didn't Know About the Ancient Olympics

Many people today follow the Olympic Games, but how much can you share with your child about its ancient history? Here's a cheat sheet about the ancient tournament!

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