Literacy: What You Need to Know

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Read to your child once a day, every day.

Experts agree that reading and writing are the two most important skills to build during pre-elementary education. Kids' aptitude for reading usually affects how well they do in other subjects.

In a recent poll it was discovered that only 53% of kids ages 3-5 are read to every day by an adult. Let's make that percentage go up! Check out our list of recommended reading to get you started.

If your kid does not have the attention span for story time, try some of these unique and fun ways to sneak reading into playtime.

To parents of children with dyslexia: hope is not lost! There are a wide variety of methods and exercises to help kids with learning and reading disabilities. In fact, kids with dyslexia tend to have strong math and logic skills. Over 50% of NASA engineers have dyslexia, and they are actually scouted out specifically because of their excellent problem solving skills and their ability to think outside the box. To find out more, visit our Dyslexia Information Center.