Calm Parenting: 10 Tips to Channel Your Inner Buddha

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Challenge your beliefs.

"If you're coming apart at the seams over something your child is doing, ask yourself this, 'What am I making this mean?'" says Stiffelman. "More often than not, we're concocting a story in our head about our child's behavior that escalates our blood pressure and heightens the tension. If your child is having a meltdown over homework, are you telling yourself that he's never going to graduate? Or perhaps you're taking it personally: 'He does his work just fine for his dad!' Or maybe you're believing that the teacher is going to think you're a lousy parent because by the end of the tantrum, his work is smeared with tears. Take a look at what thoughts and beliefs are behind you losing your cool, and challenge them to see if they're true. They usually aren't."