Calm Parenting: 10 Tips to Channel Your Inner Buddha

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What's the secret?

By Lori Calabrese

All parents have moments when they want to rip their hair out, throw in the towel and run away, so what's the secret behind calm parenting?

Truth be told, most parents yell at their kids. A 2003 study published in The Journal of Marriage and Family revealed that 88 percent of the families studied admitted to shouting, screaming or yelling at their kids at least once in the previous year.

Susan Stiffelman, a licensed marriage, child and family therapist, and author of Parenting Without Power Struggles, says, "I've worked with thousands of wonderful parents, and it's rare that I find one who doesn't occasionally lose their cool and say or do things they later regret. Parenting is hard work. Yes, it's rewarding, and yes, we love our kids, but it's an exhausting series of endless tasks, often with little acknowledgment or appreciation. It's natural to fall apart at times and behave in ways we wish we hadn't."

Nothing can prepare you for the challenges ahead, but there are ways to calm yourself before exploding. Here are 10 tips to channel your inner Buddha.