5 Ways to Win the War on Clutter

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By Patricia Smith

“Where, oh where, did my tennis shoe go?” Has this tune become your kid’s national anthem? Is living with her belongings strewn under beds and between sofa cushions causing you to attack and retreat? If so, the time has come to round up the forces and chart a new course. Surprisingly, winning the war on clutter is not as challenging as you might think.

Take it from professional organizer Karen Fritscher-Porter. Yelling at the kids to pick up their toys, shirts, socks, and schoolbooks isn’t the answer. Kids are pros at turning a deaf ear when it comes to cleaning up. Give them a reason to believe there’s fun involved and you’ve got buy-in. With time and patience, you can transform your home from so-so to shipshape. Read on for a few tricks of the trade.