No More Bribes: How to Help Your Kid Want to Succeed

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I've almost got it. What's the last piece of the secret?

Make school relevant. Your child needs to know and understand that school, and specifically homework, is important. Dempsey's "Make the Student the Teacher" technique can add relevancy to your child's academic experience. "By putting in the effort and time to learn what the child is learning, it shows the child that the parents care and that what the student is doing is important," he says.

Tie your student's academic work to his life. When he's learning fractions, tie it into measurements for his favorite recipe. If he's struggling with reading or math, remind him that he'll need reading and math skills to be a lawyer, astronaut, doctor, construction worker or whatever he wants to be. Give frequent reminders that today's schoolwork is essential for the future.

It's not enough to ask your child, "Did you do your homework?" Take a clear and serious interest in the homework process and ensure that your child feels competent, has autonomy, and knows the material’s relevance.