Homework Help for Kids

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Tips for homework success.

The most important way to help your child succeed with homework is to be available. Learning doesn't happen in a vacuum. Talking to your child about homework, even at the high school level, allows you to stay in touch with what he's learning, and it helps him process new ideas and information.

If your teenager insists on doing his homework in his room, check in frequently and ask specific questions about the work. Young children should complete homework in a quiet but more public space with you nearby. For example, the kitchen table makes a great homework spot, but you may need to turn off the TV or radio if they're a distraction.

Be aware of and encourage attention and focus. Students who take longer to complete homework are often frustrated because they genuinely don't know what to do, or they're not focused on the task.

You may need to break longer assignments down into more manageable pieces and remove toys or cell phones until homework is finished.