Homework Help for Kids

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Whose homework is it, anyway?

It's one thing to suggest that parent involvement should be minimal, but it takes an exceptional learner to do the work every night without at least some parental prodding.

The level of your involvement depends upon the student's abilities and work habits, but you should always be moving toward the child taking greater ownership and responsibility for assignments.

It's okay to remind your child, but homework completion, like other responsibilities, should be non-negotiable and subject to the same rewards and consequences as anything else you require your child to do.

It's okay to help by explaining assignments and providing examples, or you can be a sounding board for discussions. You can and should check for completion and correctness.

Parents, however, should never provide answers or tell the student what to write down. Resist the temptation to write anything down for him, even if your child tells you what the answer is. If it's not in his handwriting, it's not his work.