How to Prepare Your Kindergartener for Testing

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Check In On Your Child's Progress Throughout the Year

Keep on top of your child’s placement and make sure that she is getting the instruction that’s appropriate for her. You don’t want your child to be shortchanged on the level of instruction that she’s receiving.

While your child’s performance on a placement exam is very important, it’s helpful to remember that no matter how hard you work with your child, there may be areas of weakness that are very difficult for him to overcome. Some children have severe problems with spatial reasoning, or even math in general. For these areas, if your child is still struggling after the exam, it’s important to work with him so that he so he can build these skills - maybe even going to his teacher for suggestions on how to help him – so that he can move to a higher track later.

You can help prepare your child by working through sample problems. Here are five test questions similar to ones your child will encounter on her standardized test:

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